Personal Growth


Turning 30

Turning 30 is a big deal for a lot of people me. For the past couple years, I’ve done an annual recap around my birthday. At 25, I wrote down 25 lessons I learned about people Couldn’t find anything I wrote on my 26th. Guess I didn’t learn anything that year. I started off 27 …

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Fuck Balance

June 2015. It was my second time at EDC. I told my friends to wait for me, because I wanted to get closer to the stage. This was unusual of me, but maybe I was compelled to see Galantis or Above & Beyond up close. Halcyon days. The crowd was thick. I took a deep …

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Flip the Script

Ever been stuck between two decisions? If so, I stumbled upon a decision-making trick that could help. There are many dilemmas in life… Which job should I take? Should I pursue this relationship or leave it? Tacos or burritos? (the answer should always be both) The tip I’ve stumbled upon, as you might have guessed …

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Pep Talk

If you don’t have the job you want, Help someone solve a problem. If you don’t have a house, Build a spiritual home. If you don’t have passion, Cultivate your curiosity. If you don’t have a partner, Learn to love yourself. Do not wait for life to happen to you. Start where you are, let …

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