Personal Growth


Just Above Average

If you’re a single dude on dating apps, try asking your female friend’s if you can peek into their Tinder experience: It’ll probably look something like this: The majority of messages say “hey.” What struck me is that it wouldn’t take much to stand out. What if being a tad above average can translate to …

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The Not-To-Do List

I’m a list making addict. Open up a doc, click on the bullets icon, and start listing away. I always feel good when I first create these to do lists. For some reason making the list itself gives me a sense of accomplishment. Then I end up with a 30-item and realize how futile it …

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Finding Freedom in Structure

For years I followed Tim Ferriss’ slow carb diet. One of the features of that diet is consuming 30 grams of protein upon waking up. After a while following this diet, mixing a protein shake in the morning became automatic, thoughtless. Habits and rituals often seem like they require massive amounts of self control. I …

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