Money coaching with Oz

Money coaching with Oz

By day, I design financial apps for a Fortune 100 company. By night, I help people build wealth and create powerful relationships with money.

You're not "bad" or "good" with money.
You're just trained or untrained.

I became financially free by 30 not because I was a math whiz (I’m just OK at math) or investing genius (I missed out on some huge opportunities).

I achieved this through a decade of investing, reading finance books and writing a weekly column about money. I made a bunch of money mistakes and will use these lessons to shortcut YOUR way to success.

The way I’ll do this for you is NOT through intimidating spreadsheets or convoluted plans.

Instead, I focus on feel good finance that is backed by behavioral science. That means creating POWERFUL money habits, not guilty spending. That means helping you ask the right $5000 questions, not the small $5 “feel guilty buying a latte” questions.

As a money coach, I'll help you...

I focus on identifying my clients’ financial superpowers, some that they didn’t even know they had. When you work with me, I’ll unearth your personal gems to help you unlock a rich life.

We might be the perfect fit if...

  • You grew up middle class and now make more money than your parents, but you have no idea what to do with that extra money
  • You’re a 1st generation immigrant who’s doing well, but inherited financial baggage from your parents.
  • You’re doing well at work, school or life but don’t know why you haven’t figured out money yet.
  • You’ve been seeking someone to hold you accountable WITHOUT feeling guilty or bad about your money situation.

Most importantly, if you are coachable and open-minded, then I want you as a client.

A special offer...

I still have 10 limited spots for no-charge, absolutely free coaching sessions. If you’re accepted as a client, then I’ll send you a link to schedule your call.

To your wealth and wellbeing,