HiFi Wealth

Money coaching to help high income earners achieve financial independence.

Do you make good money, but aren’t "good with money?"

I was shocked when my first client showed me his finances. 
A doctor that was smarter than me and made more than I ever have…
Was living paycheck to paycheck and had no retirement fund to speak of.

So many smart, hard-working people have a real shot at financial independence and even early retirement…

Did you know that almost 50% of six figure earners live paycheck to paycheck?

But without the right financial education and training, they turn their high incomes into golden handcuffs, resigned to a life of constant work, stress and keeping up with the Joneses.

That’s why I developed HiFi Wealth, a 3 month coaching program to teach High earners everything I know about achieving Financial independence.

Picture of Hi, I'm Oz. Lets uplevel your money.

Hi, I'm Oz. Lets uplevel your money.

I reached financial independence by age 30 through investing. All without sacrificing travel, joy or lattes. By day I'm a designer at a financial technology company; by night I help people get good with money.

Give me 3 months and I’ll give you a personal finance system tailored to you that’s easy, powerful, and sets you up for financial independence.

Takes less than 3 minutes to fill out

Results you'll get from money coaching

Like a personal trainer + mindset coach for your money.

Implement changes to your money—in real time

Ever heard good advice that you failed to implement it? Not with me. I offer "over-the-shoulder" coaching where you share your screen and I guide you step-by-step what to do until you feel comfortable pressing the buttons on your banking apps. Whether it's buying your first index fund or opening a high yield savings account, I'll offer hands-on accountability.

The lifetime skill of DIY finance

Master budgeting, investing, and the skills to grow your wealth. Learning DIY finance with me will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars by avoiding bad financial products and unnecessary management fees that financial advisers charge. Get a system and framework for managing finances for the rest of your life.

A clear path to financial independence

Learn the framework for transforming active income to passive income so that you can choose to stop working years before your peers. Protect your future retirement WHILE living a meaningful life today.

I’ll condense my 4 year Economics degree, 5 years being a financial educator and designing banking products into a 3 month program to fit YOUR unique personal finances.

Ready to transform your financial life?

Examples of results for clients...

"I’ve never been an investor and being in my 40s I seriously questioned if it was too late to make anything meaningful happen as an investor. Now that I’ve completed Oz's program, I see the importance of investing and my ability to enter the space to a very positive result comfortably. The level of understanding and consideration that Oz displayed has been invaluable. I would one hundred percent endorse this program."

Here are more results + stories from other high earner clients:

Making early retirement possible

I helped a product marketer realize that with a few tweaks, she could take a long sabbatical and stop working within the next 5 years—in her 30s!

Feel confident about investing

Helped a doctor get over his fear of investing and do it himself instead of letting his parents manage his money. I'll help you establish a healthy investing plan that works for you.

Manage emotional spending

I helped a professor identify her patterns behind reactive spending, resulting in a "win win" scenario of creating a guilt free spending plan while dramatically decreasing costs.

Avoid buying a house

You read that right. I helped an tech consultant deeply understand his "why," which led to NOT spending $600K on a beach condo he didn't want.

Takes less than 3 minutes to fill out

How coaching works—a preview:

This is just 1 example of coaching; I design programs tailored to YOUR finances.


Audit your existing finances for gaps, optimize accounts, design a budget and set money goals.

• Financial account optimization
• Identify top money goals
• Set up your financial tech stack
• Budgeting; money in, money out


Learn passive investing, design your investment portfolio, stock market psychology.

• Master DIY investing
• Which index funds are best for you
• Constructing a portfolio
• How much to invest, and when


Put it all together: we'll develop a personal finance system that'll fit your lifestyle like a glove. We'll also cover extra topics like credit card hacking.

• Fine tune your personal finance system
• Evaluating career, income potential and side hustles
• Lifestyle design and financial independence

any questions?

I work with high income earners who make at least $100K/year and are ready to invest a few thousand dollars to get the lifetime skill of DIY investing. The best way to get started is to apply using this quick form.

A money coach is a like a personal trainer for your finances: help you set goals, stick to a program, and ultimately implement CHANGE in your everyday finances. Other professionals are focused on producing a specific deliverable , like a tax return. Financial advisers offer to manage your portfolio for an expensive fee that I can teach you to do on your own.

After going through my program once, I set you up for success so that you have the habits and skills to handle finances on your own, sustainably.

Should you work with another financial professional (CPA, adviser, planner), you’ll have the knowledge to know when to hire and what to hire for.

I use a blend of psychology, self help techniques, and financial best practices to get you to an “a-hah!” moment at record speed.

We will NOT use intimidating spreadsheets or convoluted plans.

I focus on feel good finance that is backed by behavioral science. That means creating POWERFUL money habits, not guilty spending. That means helping you ask the BIG questions that matter, not “feel guilty buying a latte” questions.

It’s not uncommon for my clients to implement big changes before 3 months is up. If we finish “early” (which is a good thing), we can use the remaining time to tackle other money topics like credit card hacking. Some clients choose to go their merry way and refer me :)

I’ve created something better—my Money Pact Guarantee. I pour my heart and soul into this work. So if something’s missing for you by the end of our coaching program, I will personally see to it that you get your questions answered without extra charge. After working with 50+ clients, no one has ever asked for a refund.

I hope you consider joining

HiFi Wealth

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lets transform your finances

See you on the other side! Wishing you wealth and wellbeing,
—Money Coach Oz

Let’s transform your finances!