What if you're just 1 conversation away from feeling so much better about money?

As an integrative money coach, I’ll work with your psychology to unearth beliefs about money that are no longer serving you. Expect to upgrade your money mindset so that you can create a new relationship with money that is powerful, wealthy, and peaceful.

Money coaching with Oz

Money coaching with Oz

By day, I'm a designer at a Fortune 100 financial company. By night, I help people upgrade their money mindset to live a rich life.

The type of results I've helped clients achieve:

From no savings to saving TONS

I helped a marketer rewrite an old story about saving money (that someone will just take it) resulting in a savings plan that's motivating instead of restrictive.

Feel confident about investing

A doctor got over their fear of the stock market and deeply understand how wealth is built through assets. I'll help you establish a healthy investing plan that works for you.

Manage emotional spending

I helped a professor identify her patterns behind reactive spending, resulting in a "win win" scenario of creating a guilt free spending plan while dramatically decreasing costs.

Avoid buying a house

You read that right. I helped an tech consultant deeply understand his "why," which led to NOT spending $500K on a beach condo he didn't want.

Whatever your money problem, we’ll use a blend of psychology, self help techniques, and financial best practices to get you to an “a-hah!” moment at record speed.

We will NOT use intimidating spreadsheets or convoluted plans.

I focus on feel good finance that is backed by behavioral science. That means creating POWERFUL money habits, not guilty spending. That means helping you ask the BIG questions that matter, not “feel guilty buying a latte” questions.


Coaching options

Single session consultation

A-la-carte, $200 each.

Best if you’re experiencing acute stress with 1 specific money issue.
• Tackle budget & debt
• Audit your portfolio & money map
• Resolve a money myth or financial trauma

Coaching packages

Save 20% when you book a package of 4 or more sessions ($640+).

Best fit for..
• Rewiring multiple money habits
• Building financial literacy so you can DIY your own money issues
• Investment coaching

Types of money coaching packages (4+ sessions)

Consider this an intervention-level offering. This is for those who desperately need help transforming their money habits, money beliefs, and change the direction of their financial lives. Includes debt paydown plans, how to improve credit, cash & spending management, and ultimately wealth building.

Go from zero to investing confidently. I’ll teach you how to understand asset classes, then hold your hand in beginning to invest in each asset class (stocks, bonds, real estate).

You will learn the lifetime skill – and confidence – in investing your own money.

For couples who can’t see eye-to-eye on money, I will get you two on the SAME PAGE with a powerful, shared vision. We will dive into each other’s financial histories and heal and trauma. Learn your partner’s money personality, money triggers and more.

Note: I’m not a licensed therapist but have gone through financial therapy training.

All paid offerings follow my Money Pact Guarantee

Free community sessions

Since starting my coaching practice, I’ve delivered over 50 coaching sessions and workshops, free for the community.

To continue doing this while growing the practice…and maintaining good boundaries (something I teach), here’s the format of exchange I find to be most mutually beneficial:

In exchange for a free session, participants knowingly agree to the following:
1. Agree to a recorded coaching call
2. Submit a video testimonial at the end of the session.
3. Implement the work as much as they can!

I’ll always check in with my client with how testimonials are used in marketing material.

I wish you a rich life.

Regardless of the session type, my philosophy is to always meet you where you are. You will get your hot-button question addressed, then I will facilitate a conversation to help you find the blindspots and beliefs that keep creating old money patterns. 

Think of it as a therapeutic deep-dive into your financial life—all held with love, conscientiousness and respect.

To your wealth and wellbeing,
Money Coach Oz