The Money Pact Guarantee

The Money Pact Guarantee is a promise:
If you’ve paid for one of my products, including coaching, and feel that you haven’t gotten the value you were seeking, then I want to make good on that promise.

This is an alternative to the traditional money back guarantee.

How it works
Message me and I will personally attend to your matter. We’ll have as many follow-up conversations to help you feel complete about the topic at hand. 

I will exhaust all options in my toolkit first, and if that’s not enough, I’ll personally curate resources for you, whether that’s a relevant article, book, podcast, or even someone else’s course. But only after we’ve given it a fair shot at figuring things out together.

I’m doing this is because my coaching business is a boutique, personalized service. This is not Amazon or some big box retailer where the relationship is transactional. There’s a 1:1 human relationship here involving an energetic exchange.

You’re personally invested in your change, and I’m personally invested in your change. Just about nothing makes me happier than seeing transformation in my clients.

How this approach benefits you
The Money Pact Guarantee doesn’t just help me avoid “hit and run” customers—they also improve a core skill that benefits my clients: asking for help. 

Money is one of those areas that’s extra awkward to talk about, let alone ask for help. But when you work with me, THAT’S ENCOURAGED. It’s awkward to ask for help. It’s even more awkward to ask for adjustments, after you’ve already asked for help. It’s empowering to be in a space that encourages you to ask for help if needed.

So that’s my Money Pact guarantee. I’ll see to it that your money questions and issues are resolved.