Learn how to set financial goals the RIGHT way (and have fun doing it)

Use goal-setting science to make this your best financial year.

Take Oz's money workshops. He doesn't just give money tips (which are great), but also helps make financial topics relatable and easy.
Victoria, Product Manger

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Why a workshop on financial goal setting?

As the saying goes, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

  • 52% of Americans fell short of their financial goals in 2022. (source)
  • 69% of young adults say they have financial goals, but most don’t have a plan to reach them. (source)

That’s why I designed a workshop specifically on how to set money goals.
And not just any goals. But goals that are personalized to YOU, are SPECIFIC, and actionable.Good news: the sheer act of setting money goals can improve your finances (source).


What you’ll walk away with…

Get my exclusive financial goal-setting framework.


Learn from Oz Chen, money coach & financial designer

I spent the last 3 years designing apps that helped millions of customers save more money and reach their financial goals. Now I'll share with you the secrets to designing YOUR goals to maximize your chance of success.