money coach working at coffee shop

Hi, I'm Oz. Pleasure to meet you...

I recently learned the French word flâneur, which means a man who saunters about making observations about society.
This whimsical description fits me well. I love philosophizing about all sorts of topics, especially if they relate to the realms of personal development and personal finance.

Read on for what I’m currently obsessed about…

I think about money way more than the average person should.

I grew up middle class from an immigrant family with my superhero of a single mom.

I almost became an accountant out of college, but dropped out because I knew I’d suck at the job.

I’ve traded meme stocks, SPACs and crypto…and lost money.

I am, by all means, imperfect.

Especially with my finances.

And yet, I was able to become financially free by 30 through investing.

I’ll teach you how to do it. Grab my lazy investor’s guide to get started.

what i'm into

personal finance

How might we appy psychology and mental models to gain financial progress?

self help

We probably have a lot in common if you love these things: reading, learning new life hacks and listening to podcasts.

behavioral psychology

Why do we behave the way we do, even in the face of more “logical” options? I’m fascinated by the power of behavioral finance to help uncover a healthier relationship to money.


Can we maximize physical, mental and spiritual health without losing ourselves in the process?

questioning the default

I love exploring alternative thinking, especially in regards to personal development topics. If you love being wrong, you’ll love my newsletter.

careers and wealth

Exploring the intersection of our ability, passions, and what serves others. More importantly, discovering how to get more freedom in life.


I write about the intersection of personal finance, psychology, and self help. My goal is to enrich your life, literally and figuratively, through my writing.