You are more than Tinder.

It’s like I’m trained by Pavlov.

The alluring tinkle of Tinder’s notification sends a dopamine hit to my brain.

I pull out my phone.

I judge, I swipe, I edit my profile one more time.

Sometimes a nice conversation happens.
Sometimes a date happens.

But lately it feels like I have a more significant relationship with Tinder than with the dream girl it’s suppose to bring.

Besides the influencers and models thirsty for followers –

Can all agree that online dating sucks?

The guys have a sales problem. We send message after message, starting conversations, experimenting with lines. For some the weariness turns into frustration, then anger, then nasty words.

^ It’s no excuse, and has unfortunately happened to most of my female friends.

The ladies have a filtering problem. Imagine waking up to a full inbox every day, the contents of which either make you smile or lose faith in humanity.

It’s just all so overwhelming. The attention feels good, but it’s a poor substitute for connection.

But we swipe to live another day.

I feel like there’s a strong positive correlation between time spent on dating apps and being jaded.



Your friends try to reassure you, but it doesn’t help.

At the point of max jadedness, it helps to remember…

Tinder is a game you can stop playing any time.

It can feel like Tinder is your whole dating life.

And if that’s the only place you’re seeking connection, it can feel like your entire life.

Feel overwhelmed? Feel like a number?

Take a mental health break. It’s like spending all day in a cubicle and realizing you could use some outdoor time. Stop and smell the roses, as they say.

The choice literally remains in your hands.

There’s a season to swipe, and a reason to wipe… those dating apps off your phone.

You are more than Tinder.

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