What I’m working on (Feb 2024)

A bevy of personal updates

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As someone who Does Things Online™️, there’s often the invisible pressure to niche.

“Just talk about psychology and money.” But what about other things I’m up to?

I want to give you a personal update to 1) Increase the surface area of connection and 2) share things in progress instead of only sharing when they’re done.

What I’m working on, in no particular order…

“Work” work: I’m part of the Intuit Assist design team, switching over from 4 years of working on Credit Karma Money. There’s a new opportunity for me to get deeper with AI, specifically learn about prompt engineering. As someone who has found AI to be “pretty useful” I have a feeling that with the right training AI will become “indispensable” in my daily work.

Content creation: I’ve slowed down on posting on Instagram. Part of this has been lack of work-life balance and bad habits. But mostly, I’m trying to honor the theme of “make what you want to make.” That means creating from a more proactive than reactive state. There’s SO MUCH I want to make, so many articles I want to write, new things I want to try (like a podcast). Which brings me to an emergent desire: collaboration.

Morning creator hour: I’ve perennially struggled with waking up early. The main reason I want to do this is to get to a more consistent content creation schedule. I’m looking for a content-creator accountability partner who wants to cowork online from 7-8AM PST for at least 3 days out of the workweek. Hit me up if you know someone – bonus points if they’re in the personal finance or self help niche. I’m open to working with a someone on East Coast hours as that might be easier for them without having to do a wake up challenge.

Creative collaborator: I’ve been sitting on the idea of a personal finance podcast. It does feel like a shiny object right now, but in general I feel that having a creative collaborator will not only provide built-in accountability, but also make the creative process (be it recording a podcast or editing videos) a lot more fun. If you feel pulled, hit me up.

Helping my CFP: I’ve been working with my tax strategist + financial planner for a year now. An opportunity emerged to help him with his business. This is meta as I’m a current client so I see everything that he could do better. It’s even more meta as I see similarities in my own money coaching.

Money coaching: I’ve had more clients come in than ever without me advertising. This might be related to the beginning of the year motivation. By the way, here’s my free workshop on how to set money goals. I only want to work with a few clients at a time, and re-prioritize my efforts to spread financial literacy at scale.

Building my investing course: After my 4-series workshop in December, I realized that the best learning experience wasn’t to put my four 1-hour workshops online and call it a day. There’s a LOT of content here that I organize into a full curriculum. I’ve let this project become too big in my mind and lost a bit of steam here. This is a priority for me, as getting a self-paced personal finance course helps spread financial literacy.

Reading: I’ve been really digging The Four Tendencies, which categories people into how they react to internal vs external expectations. The tendencies are: Questioner, Obliger, Upholder, Rebel. This is also roughly the order of how common each tendency is. I’m a Questioner—resists external expectations; honors internal expectations—and diving into this is helping shine a light on my strengths and weaknesses. Take the free quiz online and tell me which tendency you have.

I’ve also been enjoying Gatekeeper and PsychHacks, two relationship resources for men. My takeaways are “Be intentional, think long term about who you select as a mate. Commitment is expensive and treat it as such.” It’s good back-to-basics relationship advice that I wish I read 5+ years ago.

Relationships: Launched my matchmaker + love bounty program, published my dating profile and added it to a Date Me doc directory. I’m continuing to meet great people and appreciate all the referrals. I feel her drawing closer.

By the way, look out for a Valentine’s Day episode featuring yours truly on the Build A Wealthy Spirit podcast.

Travel: Headed to EconoMe in March. It’s like a TedX event for finance nerds. A fair amount of CampFi and ChooseFI folks are going. Then I’m planning to visit Oaxaca in the spring. I want to go on mezcal, molé and coffee tours! Following that would be Lightning in a Bottle in May, then a family cruise in July. My cabin has a room for a +1, and my family has been nudging me to find a cabinmate. Wink wink.

Moving: after 2 years of living in Long Beach, I’m moving back to LA. The construction of my backyard ADU should also be near completion, so I might live there and outfit it if the timing is right. This will also decrease my LA commute (#RTO), but I definitely have a lot of feelings about leaving Long Beach, even if it’s not permanent.

Fitness: I hit a personal deadlift record of 310 lbs, 5×5! I wanted to get up to 3 plates for the longest time. This is the lift I most consistently do. Part of that is safety – it’s easier to pick up something and have the option to drop it. I’d like my bench to get past 185, and squats I barely do. I also have been running much in the winter weather. Environment really fuckin’ matters when it comes to habits and friction.

Events: I’ve been to 3 Coffee and Chill events, which features ice baths and – you guessed it – coffee. For my birthday I’m going to a similar event with zero proof alcohol + sauna + ice plunge. These strange mix of keywords makes me immediately smash the “like and subscribe” button. Let me know if there are health and wellness type events you’d recommend.

Other habits and things on my mind:

  • Considering when and if I’ll take the AFC exam.
  • Continue playing pickleball when it’s convenient
  • I still feel some type of way about dance, and letting my bachata/Latin dance skills atrophy.
  • Have a more focused daily reading habit beyond just listening to Audible on my commutes.
  • Watch more movies in theaters
  • I’m months late to doing my annual review and financial review. But alas, prioritize “make what I want to make” first.

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