Oz's Matchmaker Program

matchmaker for oz

Hi friend,

It’s Oz. I’m looking to find my plus one in life. Will you help me find her?
And why don’t we make it fun…
A successful matchmaker will be rewarded. But more on that in a bit.

Know someone already or coming back to this page?

Why am I enlisting your help?
Because you’re a good person who knows good people.
Good people who you might not have thought about matching…until now.

(You can read my thought process behind all this.)

If being responsible for 2 people finding their soulmates sounds like a badass life achievement to you (and it is…), then I invite you to consider being my matchmaker.

Looking for my dating profile?
If you have a potential match, show them my public “Date Me” doc.

Matchmaker rewards

The reward for connecting me to someone who becomes my life partner: $5000. 

The road to marriage can be long, so rewards will be distributed as follow:

  • Milestone 1: My soulmate and I have been dating for a year, and are on the road to marriage. I will send you $2500.
  • Milestone 2: My soulmate and I are getting married. You’ll be invited to the wedding* AND you’ll have a nice $2500 gift waiting for you.

*If we decide to stay together without requiring marriage, then you will still get your full reward after we cross 2 years in relationship.

Honorable Matchmaker: The matchmaker who doesn’t make the final match but makes the most quality introductions, will still get $1000 for their kind effort.

Timeline: The last matchmaking introduction needs to be made by February 1, 2025. I’m making this experiment 1 year long to begin with :)

The matchmaker's process

It’s not hard to meet people. It’s not hard to find a date.
What’s hard is finding the right match.

Matchmakers are recruiters for love. They are thoughtful about finding potential partners, vetting them, and then creating the best conditions for matches to meet.

Odd as it may sound, I’ll be using the “recruiting model” to add structure, set expectations, and ultimately maximize success for everyone.

Let’s get down to brass tacks!

✅ Example of good matchmaking

“Hey I think you and my friend would get along. She’s fit, loves learning and into health and wellness. I already showed her your profile and she’s interested. Would you be free next Sunday afternoon to meet her?”

🚫 Anti-Example (don’t do this)

“I think one of my girlfriends is single, you should hit her up”

How to set up a match

  1. Understand what I’m looking for (here’s my public “Date Me” doc)
  2. Found a potential match? Send them my dating profile.
  3. When a match is interested in me, ask if you could share their socials / public profiles with me.
  4. Send me your potential match using this form.
  5. If mutual interest is established, set up the date*.

*Why is setting up the date important?
I’ve worked with my friend (who’s actually a dating coach) who set me up on a date—I loved the process. 

By setting up the logistics of the date, there was no awkward “back and forth” and potentially losing momentum over texting – a problem that any modern dater has experienced. Also, neither date wanted to disappoint our friend the matchmaker. We made sure to show up on time and commit.

Let's make this easy for you

Template: Reaching out to your friend

“Hey ____, I know this may sound random, but I think you and my friend Oz should meet each other. Could I play matchmaker and send you some info about him?”

(They answer yes) 

“Great. Here’s a profile he put together that also has some of his pics.”

(Feel free to embellish about me as much as you want 😉)

Template: Setting up dates

This occurs only after both parties have indicated interest. 

  1. Ask your friend if you can set her up on a date.
  2. Get their schedule / when they’ll be free in the next 2 weeks (momentum).
  3. Check in with Oz on his schedule.
  4. Suggest a casual meeting point to start the date*
  5. Put it all together: send both of us the meetup time and place
  6. Reminder / hype text us both the day of the date. Ensure we meet.

*Date ideas: best if in a walkable area with other options nearby, like a downtown walking area, brewery, food hall, beach path.

Quality over quantity

Both I and your referral want the very best chances of a match. You’d also want the best chance of a match and get your matchmaker’s reward. 

This can be as easy as setting up a date with one of your friends and we hit it off. Boom, $5000 for an hour of work. 

Or if you’re well connected and set me up on a lot of dates (some people are better suited to matchmaking then others), you’ll likely lock in the Honorable Matchmaker award.

Just want to make sure we’d all feel good about the shared effort and intention behind this. Our incentives are aligned for win-win-win. 

My future partner and I will be so grateful to have your help in finding each other.

Thank you from the both of us in advance,

Oz 👩‍❤️‍👨

ready to set me up?

Questions, answers, finer points

Q: “Should I send a potential match to this matchmaker’s guide?
No, this is a guide meant for matchmakers. Instead, send your potential match to my public Date Me Profile.

If asked, feel free to talk about the potential compensation you can get for successful matchmaking.

I wouldn’t lead with talking about the reward because this can be misunderstood. 

  • I’m not paying a woman to be my love. 
  • I’m paying for the effort of matchmaking and setting up the date

Don’t distract your potential match from the goal, but be honest if it comes up in conversation.

They should come away thinking “Wow, my friend is such a good matchmaker!”

Q: “How are you keeping track of all this? Will I get credit for a successful referral?”

Honor. But also, that’s why you should send your match to me using this form.

You’ll get a copy of your response. This is how I’ll also determine who becomes the “Honorable Matchmaker.”

Q: “I have a friend who might know more potential matches” 

Spread the word! You can tell friends about this and split it however you wish.

Q: “Why $5000?”

Matchmakers charge anywhere from $1000 and up. I’m removing the middlemen from the process. 

I’m willing to invest in the area of love and I believe that my wider networks can truly connect me to someone. Before sharing the reward amount, I asked people what compensation would make it worth their while. The answers ranged from $100 to $1000.

By clarifying that matchmaking is a necessary process to make this work, and also upping the reward by at least 5X of people’s expectations, I believe this to be a fair and generous reward. At least everyone I’ve shared this with think so ;) 

Q: “What if I find someone that you’ve met in the past?”
You still get the reward if it’s someone I know. But you’ll need to play matchmaker to create the best conditions for us to reconnect. Vouch for all parties, fight for the connection, set up the date. 

Q: “What if I find someone you used to date?”
Ex girlfriends do not count, those relationships are complete. But people I might have crossed paths with (online dating) or now have a renewed interest in me? Yes, I’ll consider it. After all, at some point we did swipe right on each other.

Q: “What if I myself am interested in you?”
What are you doing still reading this, read my Date Me doc! If you’re looking for a life partner, the value I’ll bring (and is required of a healthy relationship) will far exceed $5K. 

But I don’t need to tell you that, right love? 

Q: Are you worried about someone just getting with you for the referral bonus?
No, LOL. I highly doubt any woman I’m interested in will be in a relationship for 2 years for $5000. Commitment is far more expensive than that. 

Interested in sharing?


If you’re interested in creating your own matchmaking program, reach out to me and I’ll give you a template.

If you make content related to my experiment, please attribute back these links: ozchen.com/matchmaker

Thank you!