Introducing: a live workshop + course that will set you up for financial independence.

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The average life expectancy is 77.
The average retirement age is 65.
Do you want to work 40 years...
Just to live out the last 12 in old age?

Picture of Designed by Oz Chen, Money Coach

Designed by Oz Chen, Money Coach

I reached a financial freedom milestone - not having to work for a decade - by the time I'm 30. All with an average salary and growing up in a single mother, immigrant family. Now I teach ambitious professionals how to accelerate their path to financial freedom.

Investing is the key that  accelerates your path to financial freedom. 
And it all starts by helping working professionals like you get to their first $100K.
Why? If you can build a $100,000 investment portfolio, you are almost guaranteed to be a millionaire. 
It’s in the math. The power of compound interest means that $100K compounded in the right, long-term investments (backed by historical data) will result in $1 million by retirement age.
It’s also in the behavior. Most won’t try this, and will scoff at the idea of saving $100K, let alone investing that much.
But you are not most people.
You’re reading this because you do NOT want to be the average American who has the following financial profile:
  • Credit card debt: $7,279 (LendingTree)
  • Retirement savings, for those who have any: $65,000 (Forbes)
  • More than 60% live paycheck to paycheck (CNBC)

I designed this series of workshops so that you’ll leave with a permanently upgraded skillset in investing – and the toolkit to build wealth.

Use the coupon code FINANCEFRIENDS at checkout. Available only for a limited time.

What you'll learn in my 4 part series:


The F.I.R.E. Engine

Learn the mechanics of financial freedom:
• Why $100K and how to get there fast
• The number you must know to retire
• The 5 Types of FIRE and which one suits you


How to Invest

Get a framework for investing, including:
• The 5 myths about investing
• 1 concept that unlocks all of investing
• Master the psychology of investing


Asset Classes

Investing requires that you understand how
• Differences between stocks vs real estate vs bonds
• How to analyze any investment
• Construct a portfolio that fits your lifestyle


Build your portfolio

Learn how to craft a portfolio
• Accelerate your way to your first $100K
• The investing style with the most proven success, and the least headaches
Construct a portfolio that fits your lifestyle

+Plus 1 bonus session focused on Q&A and advanced topics.

For a limited time, join the live course (beta)

This was originally slated to be a self-paced, online course. Now you get a chance to experience the material in 4 live workshops hosted over Zoom.

All sessions will be recorded, and you get access to the 6 module, self-paced video course once it’s edited.

Everything you get. Worth $1747

What you'll invest:

Use the coupon code FINANCEFRIENDS at checkout. Available only for a limited time.

By the end of the workshops, you'll walk away seeing "The Matrix" of how money works.


The live sessions are slated for the first 4 Saturdays in December 2023:
• Dec 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd*
The last session may be moved in case folks can’t make it to that Christmas weekend. We will take a vote.

This course is actually designed to be a self-paced course, so there’s no problem if you miss a session—or even all of them. You’ll get a recording of each session AND the final digital course once that’s edited. You can also always reach out to me personally for finance and course related questions.

I’m transitioning away from doing single-session money coaching and am much more excited to work in small cohorts. For helping me “beta test” this topic  (this will be my 3rd class, don’t worry), I’m offering a time-limited discount.

Use FINANCEFRIENDS at checkout to knock down the price from $497 to $250. The coupon code may expire once the first 5 people purchase, but I may extend the code for a few more who enroll.

I wish you a rich life.

Nothing pains me more than seeing people who have all the smarts and potential to build wealth through investing, and end up losing that opportunity to distraction and lack of self belief. 

I guarantee you that if you haven’t joined a workshop like this before, it will transform your financial life. Life is more fun when we all get wealthy together, and I’m honored that you’re considering walking the walk.

To your wealth and wellbeing,
Money Coach Oz

All paid offerings follow my Money Pact Guarantee