Just Above Average

If you’re a single dude on dating apps, try asking your female friend’s if you can peek into their Tinder experience: It’ll probably look something like this: The majority of messages say “hey.” What struck me is that it wouldn’t take much to stand out. What if being a tad above average can translate to …

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write small benefits

Write small

The biggest initial hurdle to blogging is assuming you have to always write big, meaty essays. That’s paralyzing. The longer the article, or the bigger the perceived  “thing” you’re going the write, the more prone you’ll be to perfectionism. Perfect is the enemy of done.  Many of you reading this want to start a blog, …

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My experiment with second degree dinners

For the past month, I’ve been doing something called Dinner with Strangers. The idea is to make new friends through trusted second-degree dinners (inspired by Nat Eliason), which has benefits like… Meeting new people Less creepers because participants are vetted through your network (hence “second degree”). Dinner parties are cozy, intimate environments good for conversation …

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