Float Tank

I want it to be a surprise. Sneaking a peek at her phone directions, I knew where she was taking us. Float Tank Barrie. Having passed by the float center in Venice countless times, it was ironic that I’d do my first float in a small town outside Toronto. Kayla, my sweet love, booked it …

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Turning 30

Turning 30 is a big deal for a lot of people me. For the past couple years, I’ve done an annual recap around my birthday. At 25, I wrote down 25 lessons I learned about people Couldn’t find anything I wrote on my 26th. Guess I didn’t learn anything that year. I started off 27 …

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Meditation Myths

I grew up in a Buddhist household. My family wasn’t too religious about it, but we had some Buddhist texts lying on the bookshelf. One afternoon, I picked up one of these books and tried to give it a go: All I remember was reading a passage about meditating to an image of a flower…and …

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