Jocko Willink’s “Good” Speech Applied to Money

Jocko's viral "good" speech applied to money.

written by oz chen

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“Good” is a viral video of how Jocko Willink (author and former Navy Seals) responds to any problem by saying “Good,” followed up with a surprisingly reason for why a seemingly bad situation can be turned around.

When things are going bad, there’s going to be some good that’s going to come from it

I had to apply this to personal finance.

The Good Speech, applied to Money

“I can’t afford that right now.”
Good. That means you’re saving money.

“My job doesn’t pay enough.”
Good. That means there are better job opportunities for you.

“Houses are unaffordable right now.”
Good…you can buy at a more affordable time. (Also: you’re the type of person who understands affordability.)

“My friends are all doing better than me.”
Good. That means you have friends who can help you.

“I’m crushed by student loans / debt.”
Good. That means you were credit-worthy enough to borrow money. And now you’ll learn the value of borrowing money.

“I’m bad with money.”
Good. That means you can get good with money.

The “Good” mentality always looks for opportunity.

Yes, it’s extreme.
But it always offers an alternative path to despair and self pity.
That fosters self-agency.

On the contrary…do you know someone who no matter what they say, they can find fault in it? Like nothing’s ever good enough.

“But Jocko was a Navy Seals commander and his lessons are unrealistic for other people!”

All you need is to see a comment like this…

I don’t think Good is a good way to listen to someone else or foster empathy, which is a different skill.

But I think this is a great stoic tactic to apply to one’s own life.

Kid: “Dad I failed 5th grade”

Jocko: “Good… that means you will be older and bigger then the kids in your class, giving you superior tactical advantage over the enemy.”

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