Three ideas to make you richer and happier

Growing money is knowledge, That's Their Job, and National Cinema Day.

written by oz chen

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I’m trying out something new this week: 3 ideas to make you richer and happier.

If you’ve been on my newsletter for more than 2 seconds, you know that I love talking about personal finance and personal development.

This is deeper attempt to integrate those two themes. 

Because what’s the point of wealth without wellbeing, and money without mindfulness?

Idea 1

“Making money is an action. Keeping money is behavior. Growing money is knowledge.” —Unknown

I love that quote. Becoming wealthy really is combination of those 3 forces.

Idea 2

I used to be more fitness-obsessed, cramming sessions at the gym and counting my macros. 

One day, I was admiring a fitness influencer’s physique and told my friend: wow, that guy is so ripped!

My friend responded in a way I’ll never forget: “That’s literally their job. Of course they’re ripped.”

For me this relieves the pressure valve of self comparison. If my best life is to work out 3 times a week, why compare myself to someone whose job is to literally work out and study exercise science full time?

Another one of my favorite mental hacks: if you’re going to compare anyway, then you might as well compare up for inspiration, or compare down for gratitude.

We get to choose who we compare ourselves to, and how we compare.

Idea 3

I have 2 tickets to watch Bullet Train tomorrow. It cost a total of $6.

That’s not a typo – tomorrow is National Cinema Day, and thousands of movie theaters are offering movie tickets at $3 each. Any movie, any time, any format.

Going to the movies are one of those simple pleasure I forget about.

A bit of reprieve in these inflation-ridden times.

Just for fun

Hustle culture isn’t just for humans. It’s also for plants!

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