3 Ideas: $0 But Successful, The Floor is Lava, and The Most Important Thing

Success is a feeling we allow ourselves to feel, not a number in the bank account.

written by oz chen

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Idea 1

My friend Elizé feels 100% successful despite having $0 in her savings account.

“I’m not afraid of my potential. I’m not afraid to go down the unknown road because I’m grateful for where I’m at today and I’m excited for where I’ll be tomorrow.”

Check out her Instagram breaking down her thought process.

Part of what made Elizé’s savings go to $0 was a recent investment in a high-end business mastermind. That mastermind has already given her a TON of energy, life force, and clarifies her personal mission.

This is a great example of investing for return on energy.

Success is a feeling we allow ourselves to feel, not a number in the bank account.

What makes you feel successful that has nothing to do with money?

Idea 2

Ethereum, the largest blockchain after Bitcoin, made a successful upgrade called The Merge on September 15th.

Many people expected The Merge, which was years in the making, to increase the price of ETH.

But in fact the opposite thing happened. Ethereum hovered about $1700 pre-merge and is down at $1300 after the upgrade. What gives?

The floor is lava

Inflation, Fed interest rates, and looming recession…all these belong in the sphere of macroeconomics. When “macro” is bad, the floor is lava burning everything in its path. It doesn’t matter that a stock is doing great or that Ethereum just got a massive upgrade…if there is fear in the broader economy.

But if the floor is lava is (literally) game that you can still play.

The longer that investments you’re interested in stay down, the more time you have to buy them while they’re cheap.

Ethereum currently sits at $1300. It’s all time high was $4,878.26, more than 3 times the current price.

Not financial advice: I’m still buying Ethereum, Bitcoin, and index funds every week.

Idea 3

“A healthy man wants a hundred things. A sick man only wants one thing.” —Confucius

In the past few weeks, I had canker sores and annoying bouts of jock itch (TMI).

While temporary, they made a material impact on my life.
Eating was painful. The salt and baking soda brought tears to my eyes.
I noticed that my attention was drawn to the pain, and less so to all my goals and aspirations.

Pro tip: if you have a canker sore, use a canker patch. This product helped cut my healing time dramatically.

When we experience poor health, all we want is to get better. Everything else falls to the wayside.

The lesson? When I’m feeling impatient about life, I try to be grateful for the small things.
My health, my sanity, and all the countless little things I might take for granted.
Wealth is the ability to count the good things you already have; not what you don’t have.

Just for fun

If wrestling is fake, then explain this. Do you place your bets on pizza man or bumble bee?

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