Shortcut your way to early retirement by DECADES*

*While enjoying your life and without having to scrimp every penny

oz chen money coach - financial freedom formula

Build a $100K+ portfolio

Upgrade money mindset

Get financially LIT(erate)

You don't want to spend the rest of your life grinding away at a 9-5...

But retirement feels like a lifetime away, and the path to financial freedom is anything but straightforward.

Can you relate?

• You find yourself dreaming of the day you could be work-optional and have the freedom to travel.

• You’ve browsed the finance articles, but all they seem to do is make you feel confused, guilty and demotivated.

• You’ve tried your hand at picking stocks and crypto, just to lose money and feel burned by the stock market. You’re scared to invest.

• You fear falling behind your peers, afraid that retirement is not possible for you—even if you work hard and make good money.

• You have a feeling that even with more money, you’re not sure if you’ll be happy (we’ve all heard these stories).

I'm here to help you create your rich life.


A step-by-step money coaching program to master investing, cultivate a rich mindset and blaze your path to early retirement.

What you get from this course...

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Lifetime access to the 6 module training
Get the exact roadmap to build a $100K+ investment portfolio and craft an early retirement plan. Lessons are designed in a specific sequence that first upgrades your money mindset, then gives you the exact steps to implement.

Monthly Coaching Calls
Live calls that cover every angle of personal finance and investing. Bonus: course members like you get to vote on each month’s Q&A topics. It’s like getting a personalized money AND mindset coach.

Personalized Financial Audit
I’ll personally audit your money situation (budgets, investment portfolio) and provide relevant coaching to your specific financial scenario.

Unlimited Q&A | Private Money Coaching Group
Instant access to a private forum to connect with course members on your financial journey. Featuring unlimited questions & answers in the group.

Bank on these bonuses


Easy to use worksheets to budget, plan & model your retirement.


Avoid costly mistakes with your retirement account setup.


Confidently analyze investments; avoid “too good to be true” scams.


Invest confidently with evidence-based, sample investments.


How to use “lean experiment” mindset to design your rich life.


Uncover a dozen ways to easily earn money while you invest.

Let's paint your new financial reality


You wake up in the morning with an email notification that your portfolio just paid you $100 in dividends & interest, without you having to lift a finger.


Your friend shares an article about the economy crashing. You don’t worry and know exactly what to do next. All because you’ve upgraded your money mindset and know the timeless investing principles that reliably build your wealth.


You go on your usual grocery run, only this time, you don’t feel guilty about shopping because you have a financial plan that lets you invest powerfully AND spend guilt-free.


Your work approves your 3 month sabbatical so you can test out an early retirement lifestyle without waiting decades to find out what actually works for you.


You have a clear path to financial freedom that’s truly your own, and not anyone else’s version. Instead of FOMO or overthinking, you enjoy the journey while becoming wealthy and work-optional.

How did I get here?

Oz Chen,
Money Coach

I believe there’s no personal finance without personal development. Even with an Economics degree and 5+ years of designing financial apps for millions of customers, most of my knowledge is self-taught. I coach at the intersection of mind & money, wealth & wellbeing.

I became financially free before the age of 30.

Without an inheritance, high paying job or insider secrets (no tech IPO here…), I was able to get the next 10 years of my life covered by savings and investments.

I check my portfolio about once a month, and don’t worry about what’s on the news or stock market fluctuations. I know my money is passively growing over the long term.

My financial plan allows me to spend without guilt.

After 2 early retirement experiments, traveling for months across Latin America, Europe, Asia…I discovered that what I actually want in retirement is not endless travel, but a life of impact and connection.

That’s why my passion is to help hard-working people become financially literate and build a RICH life of their own.


How it works


Apply in 1 minute using the form below. Those selected for Founding member seats will be invited to join the course with a secure payment link. Afterwards, you’ll be added to the training portal to get started.


You’ll have daily access to Oz via the private money coaching community where you can seek feedback, ask questions + be supported along your financial journey.


You’ll get a monthly group coaching calls to get my eyes on your portfolio, and coaching along your financial journey.

What you'll learn


Fast Track Financial Literacy

Shortcut your learning by focusing on the 20% of concepts that’ll get you 80% of the results.

Design your rich life with my early retirement framework, so you don’t wait til 65 to live life.

Get the secrets of feeling wealthy now: learn frameworks that maximize wellbeing on your financial journey.


Financial Freedom Formula

Learn the secrets of investing for financial freedom.

Master investing: completely understand the stock market, what investments are worth holding—and avoiding.

Learn the life-changing math behind early retirement and the assets that’ll get you there.

Get the exact path to a six figure portfolio, and how to turn that into a $1 million+ dollar retirement.


Your Money "Operating System"

Get the holistic picture of how your personal finances, budget, and career come together to create financial freedom.

Leverage tax advantaged accounts the like the 401K, IRA and more to build wealth faster.

Create your personal money rules for guilt-free spending, saving and investing.


LIVE money coaching with Oz

You’re already overwhelmed with “do it yourself” courses. You don’t need another one. So I’ve made this program a hybrid of online course learning and coaching from me via live calls to help you get to the finish line.

When you enroll, you’ll get instant, lifetime access to this training and any recorded calls!


You'll walk away fully financially literate and confident.

You'll develop a holistic money mindset that powers you through good times and bad.

What I took a lifetime to build, you'll learn in one course.

You are the perfect fit if...

You have a growth mindset

I love working with people who care about personal development, continuous learning and wellbeing.

You haven't started investing yet

At least not seriously or consistently. You're fearful about stocks, ETFs, and putting your hard-earned money in assets.

You've inherited money beliefs

That no longer serves you. You're ready to shed financial myths and rewrite your wealth story.

Most of all, you’re the perfect fit if you want to blaze your trail to early retirement, cultivate a work-optional life and become financially literate + confident.

Please do not continue if: you have a hard time being coached or are not ready for a course that’s just as much about shifting your mindset as it is about money. I get joy out of working with open-minded people who are motivated to change.


Become a founding member

While the program is in beta, you can join as an early Founder and get these exclusive benefits:

Joining now means you’ll be a founding member of my money coaching academy, and it also means that you’ll get all-access pass to everything I create in the future.

Financial Freedom Formula

$ 597 One Time
  • 6 module core curriculum ($597)
  • Monthly coaching calls ($360/yr)
  • Private money coaching community ($100/yr)
  • Personal portfolio audit ($250)
  • 6 Bonuses: Wealth Worksheets, Templates and Calculators ($300)

Founding Member Special

Includes CORE + Live Coaching + ALL future courses
$ 597 One time
  • Everything included in the core offer ($1607)
  • LIVE 6 week group coaching ($513)
  • Unlimited 1:1 Email Coaching for 1 year ($1200/yr)
  • 1 Hour Private Coaching Session ($250)
  • Lifetime access to ALL future money courses ($2400/yr)

To maintain quality, the FOUNDER’S class will have limited seats.

The “get everything I create” bundle is a time-limited offer. Prices may be raised any time. One time purchase—no subscriptions, no extra charges.

Apply for the course

You’ll get a response within a day :)

You’ll automatically be enrolled into my finance newsletter—no charge.

Questions & answers

I’ll review your application within the day and email back a response.

Those who are chosen to participate in the Founder’s program will be invited to make the purchase of $597 with a secure payment link.

If not chosen this time, don’t worry—I’ll send you some free bonuses and invite you to the next course.

In my work, it’s all about attitude over aptitude. You do not need any specialized knowledge in investing before starting. My goal is to take you from “beginner” to confident investor by the end of this course.

All I ask is that you come with an open mind and are motivated to learn.

You will need to know how to operate Zoom to join in on the live calls. You’ll also need something to open up spreadsheets and templates (Google Docs will be just fine) for your learning bonuses.

Live group coaching classes will be offered on a rolling basis whenever the class size reaches a minimum capacity. You’ll be automatically invited to participate (at no additional cost) whenever a live class starts. When there is not a live class offering, I will set up time with you to individually coach you or a small group – like a personal finance tutor.

You’ll join the early beta of Financial Freedom Formula, which means course content will be dripped out to you. This is the Founder’s experience—you get to shape the course as it’s delivered and ask Oz, your instructor, all personal finance questions during this period.

Once finalized, this will be a self-paced online course with monthly coaching calls, and will NOT include the multiple live offerings + unlimited coaching that you get as a Founding member.

Said in a different way, those who join the beta program are rewarded handsomely for their early support.

I can't wait to help you

I’m putting everything I know from 12 years of investing and growing my portfolio from $0 to $1 million+. I can’t wait to help you become financially literate, confident and free.

To your wealth and wellbeing,
Oz, Money Coach

My course and everything I offer should be considered education, entertainment and training—NOT financial advice or any type of advice (legal, medical, tax). At the end of the day I’ll be helping you become financially literate so YOU can choose what to invest in, and that’s more powerful and sustainable than me telling you want to invest. The choice is always ultimately yours.

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