an Oz Chen social experiment

dinner with strangers

make new friends

through vetted 2nd degree connections. No creepers, unless you are one :D

intimate setting

max party of 6 in someone’s  dining room. Phones are silent to allow for good conversation. 

potluck style

talk over your favorite munchies. Oz will usually make something vegetarian/vegan, cause LA. 

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how it works

level 1: co-hosts invite 1 guest each

Each one of you invites a guest you find interesting. It could be a friend or new acquaintance. Your co-host should not know your guest. The guest should not be a significant other. 

dinner strangers org 1

level 2: guests invite 1 guest each

Each guest invites one person they find interesting. Same rules apply to them – it can’t be someone they already know, nor can it be their significant other.

dinner strangers org 2

new connections made

The co-hosts meet 3 new people that night: your guest’s guest, your co-host’s guest, your co-host’s guest’s guest. (Say that 3 times fast).

Your 1st level guests meet 4 new people, and the guest’s guests – those at the end of the “chain” so to speak – meet 5 new strangers friends!

dinner strangers connections

designed for intimacy

phones off

Phones should be turned off or everyone stacks them in the middle of the table. 

Exception: if there’s a designated photographer for the night

make introductions

In the beginning, guests do not say what they do professionally. Your name, where you’re from, hobbies are all game.

Career talk can commence with question 1*? 

deeper conversations

Encouraging vulnerability through good questions:

  1. *What’s something you’re working on?
  2. What are you struggling with?


I’m opening Dinner with Strangers for a limited time to strangers on the internet. 

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