The Do Nothing Principle

Peter Lynch is the legendary investor best known for turning his Magellan Fund into a $50 billion beast, from 1976 – 1991. Plot twist: despite the portfolio’s massive success, most Magellan Fund clients lost money. The parable goes that investors got impatient, didn’t stick to Lynch’s strategy, and incurred loses by overly managing their investments …

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2017 Personal Review

Summarizing an entire year is difficult, especially if you’re like me and want to capture every detail. So I’ll frame this past year using something that hasn’t changed – my values. Here was my 2017 through the lens of health, wealth and relationships. (Click on each to jump to that section. With one bonus category: …

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Input Goals vs Output Goals

In 1981, a consultant named George Doran published a paper called: “S.M.A.R.T. Way to Write Management’s Goals and Objectives.” Since then, SMART has become a common strategy in goal setting. So why do we constantly forget about it, especially when it comes to personal goals? Ask people about their New Year’s Resolutions and you’ll get responses like: “Get …

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The Not-To-Do List

I’m a list making addict. Open up a doc, click on the bullets icon, and start listing away. I always feel good when I first create these to do lists. For some reason making the list itself gives me a sense of accomplishment. Then I end up with a 30-item and realize how futile it …

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