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Ode to Masternodes

Nodes are one point in a network. Using this analogy, masternodes are significant influencers in a network who facilitate other connections. 80% of people are waiting for an invitation to do something. Something fun to do on the weekend. Traveling abroad. Or maybe a dinner party. The other 20% are masternodes. These are people who …

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My experiment with second degree dinners

For the past month, I’ve been doing something called Dinner with Strangers. The idea is to make new friends through trusted second-degree dinners (inspired by Nat Eliason), which has benefits like… Meeting new people Less creepers because participants are vetted through your network (hence “second degree”). Dinner parties are cozy, intimate environments good for conversation …

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Homeless People

Where I’m living right now, there’s an interesting separator between the neighbor’s house and mine. It’s a recession about four feet wide and 1 foot deep. Since it’s walled off by bricks on both sides, I don’t see what’s in the middle until I walk out on the street and pass my neighbor’s house. It’s …

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